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List 'n Decide

List ‘n Decide is a fun app you use when you can’t make a decision. Enter your choices, shake the device and let it decide for you! Feature packed with multiple list support and choice of animation.

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Motivational Quotes

The motivational quotes app is designed to motivate and inspire you with words of wisdom coupled with beautiful imagery. The application has over 500 quotes at the moment and will be increased over time.

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PoketPostcards is a fun e-postcard making app. You can create more than mere postcards with PoketPostcards, creating invites, adverts, announcements or anything else you can dream up.

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Rex: Cave Escape

Can you help Rex get home?

Make your way through 100 levels avoiding obstacles, collecting loot and finding the exit. All the levels are randomly generated, so each play through will be different.

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About Pixel Dirt Studios

Pixel Dirt Studios is predominately an app development business. Focusing on Apple and Google marketplaces, moving toward building and supporting Windows apps and games.

The owner started in IT over two decades ago, moving into the fast growing application development area. Currently working on offerings for mobile platforms, PC/MAC/Linux, TV and wearable tech.

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